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Conservation collection descriptors

INSTCODE EURISCO-1Institute codemodel General
CONTACT -Contact personstring General
ABBUNI Abbreviation of unitystring General
NPANUMB BDN-A1NPA project numbermodel General
COLLTYP_COL Collection typevocabulary General
CONTYP_COL -Conservation typevocabulary General
PLANCONU Plan of conservation unityfile General
ASPECT ECPGR-04Aspectvocabulary General
INCLI Inclinationinteger General
ELEVATION EURISCO-16Elevation of collecting siteinteger General
CANTON BDN-V29Cantonvocabulary General
MUNICIPALITY BDN-V30Municipalitystring General
SWISSLATITUDE BDN-in-situ-54Latitude (Swiss system)float General
LATITUDE EURISCO-15.2Latitude of collecting site (DMS)string General
DECLATITUDE EURISCO-15.1Latitude of collecting site (Deg)string General
DECLONGITUDE EURISCO-15.3Longitude of collecting site (Deg)string General
SWISSLONGITUDE BDN-in-situ-53Longitude (Swiss system)float General
LONGITUDE EURISCO-15.4Longitude of collecting site (DMS)string General
NUMBACCCON_NAT -Number of national accessions in conservation unityinteger General
NUMBVARCON Number of varieties in conservation unityinteger General
NUMBSPECCON Number of species in conservation unityinteger General
SIZELOT Size of the lot in m2integer General
TYPESOIL Type of soilvocabulary General
SOILGRAN Soil: Granulometrievocabulary General
SOILROOTPEN Soil: root penetrationvocabulary General
SOILSTONE Soil: stone %integer General
SOILLIME Soil: total limeinteger General
SOILACTLIME Soil: % active limeinteger General
SOILPH Soil: phfloat General
SOILWATER Soil: water permeabilitystring General
MICROCLIM Microclimatstring General
NEMATEST1 Nematoden-Test von Gattung Longidorusvocabulary General
REMUNICON Remarks Unity of conservationstring General
NEMATEST2 Nematoden-Test von Gattung Xiphinemavocabulary General
CH_GENEBANK BDNPart of Swiss gene bankvocabulary General
FARMERNAME -Farmer's namestring General
FARMERADDRESS -Farmer's addressstring General
FARMERMUNICIPALITY -Farmer's localitystring General
FARMERPHONE Farmer's phone numberstring General
FARMERMOBILE Farmer's mobile phonestring General
FARMEREMAIL -Farmer's emailtext (multiline) General