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Descriptors for category 'grapevine'

YIELDBERRY50_15 YIELDBERRY50_15float Agronomique
YIELDBAIE1_15 -YIELDBAIE1_15float Agronomique
YIELDGRAPP_15 -YIELDGRAPP_15integer Agronomique
FERTILITY_15 FERTILITY_15float Agronomique
DEGRAPP_15 -DEGRAPP_15float Agronomique
FOLLETAGE_15 FOLLETAGE_15integer Agronomique
MUSTSUGAR_15 MUSTSUGAR_15float Analyse moût
MUSTPH_15 MUSTPH_15float Analyse moût
MUSTACIDTOT_15 MUSTACIDTOT_15float Analyse moût
MUSTACIDTAR_15 MUSTACIDTAR_15float Analyse moût
MUSTACIDM_15 MUSTACIDM_15float Analyse moût
MUSTAZOT_15 MUSTAZOT_15float Analyse moût
BERRYLENG_15 OIV 220Berry: lengthvocabulary Berry
BERRYSHAP_15 OIV 223Berry: shapevocabulary Berry
BERRYCOLOR_15 OIV 225Berry: color of skinvocabulary Berry
BERRYBLOO_15 BDN 18Berry: bloomvocabulary Berry
PULPCOLOR_15 OIV 230Berry : pulp's colorvocabulary Berry
BERRYPART_15 OIV 236Berry: particularity of flavorvocabulary Berry
BERRYFORM_15 OIV 241Berry: formation of seedsvocabulary Berry
BERRYWID_15 OIV 221Berry: widthvocabulary Berry
BERRYTHIK_15 OIV 228Berry: thickness of skinvocabulary Berry
BERRYINT_15 OIV 231Berry: intensity of the anthocyanin coloration of fleshvocabulary Berry
BERRYJUIC_15 OIV 232Berry: juiciness of fleshvocabulary Berry
BERREAS_15 OIV 240Berry: ease of detachment from pedicelvocabulary Berry
BERRYTYP_15 BERRYTYP_15vocabulary Berry
BUNHEI_15 BDN 14Bunch: heightvocabulary Bunch
BUNCHLENG_15 OIV 202Bunch: length (peduncle excluded)vocabulary Bunch
BUNCHCOMP_15 OIV 204Bunch : compactnessvocabulary Bunch
BUNCHLENGST_15 OIV 206Bunch : lenght of peduncel's bunchvocabulary Bunch
BUNCHSHAP_15 OIV 208Bunch: shapevocabulary Bunch
BUNCHNUM_15 OIV 209Bunch: number of wings of the primary bunchvocabulary Bunch
BUNSHO_15 BDN 15Bunch: presence of shouldersvocabulary Bunch
BUNCOPE_15 BDN 16Bunch: color of the pedonculevocabulary Bunch
BUNCORAPE_15 BDN 17Bunch: color of the raid and the pedicelsvocabulary Bunch
FLOWSEX_15 OIV 151Flower: sexual organsvocabulary Flower
FLOWLEINS_15 BDN 7Flower: level of insertion of the first inflorescencevocabulary Flower
FLOWNUINS_15 BDN 8Flower: number of inflorescences per shootvocabulary Flower
PHOTO BDNphoto availablevocabulary General
BIOTYPENAME BDNBiotypestring General
VIVC-CODE-VITIS VIVC-Code Vitisinteger General
VVMD5 BDNSSR-Marker VVMD5integer Genotyping
VVMD7 BDNSSR-Marker VVMD7integer Genotyping
VVMD24 BDNSSR-Marker VVMD24integer Genotyping
VVMD25 BDNSSR-Marker VVMD25integer Genotyping
VVMD27 BDNSSR-Marker VVMD27integer Genotyping
VVMD31 BDNSSR-Marker VVMD31integer Genotyping
VVMD32 BDNSSR-Marker VVMD32integer Genotyping
VVS2 BDNSSR-Marker VVS2integer Genotyping
VrZAG62 BDNSSR-Marker VrZAG62integer Genotyping
VrZAG79 BDNSSR-Marker VrZAG79integer Genotyping
VMC2H4 BDNSSR-Marker VMC2H4integer Genotyping
VMC2A5 BDNSSR-Marker VMC2A5integer Genotyping
MATURLESIZE_15 OIV 65Mature leaf: size of bladevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLESHAPE_15 OIV 067Mature leaf: shape of bladevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLENUM_15 OIV 068Mature leaf: number of lobesvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEARANTO_15 OIV 070Mature leaf: area of anthocyanin coloration of the main veins on the upper side of the bladevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEDEP_15 BDN 9Mature leaf: depressions at the base or along the main veinsvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEPLE_15 BDN 10Mature leaf: pleating and goffering at the base and along the main veinsvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEGOF_15 OIV 072Mature leaf: goffering of bladevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEBLI_15 BDN 11Mature leaf: blistering between the secondary and tertiary veinsvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEPROF_15 OIV 074Mature leaf: profile in cross sectionvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEBLIS_15 OIV 075Mature leaf: blistering of upper side of bladevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLESHAPTE_15 OIV 076Mature leaf: shape of teethvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLESIZTE_15 OIV 077Mature leaf: size of teeth in relation to blade sizevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLERATIOTE_15 OIV 078Mature leaf: ratio length / width at the base of teethvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEDEGREE_15 OIV 079Mature leaf: degree of petiole sinus opening, -overlappingvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLESHAPBASE_15 OIV 080Mature leaf: shape of base of petiole sinusvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURELECHA_15 BDN 12Mature leaf: characteristic of petiole sinusvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLETEETH_15 OIV 081-1Mature leaf: teeth in the petiole sinusvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEPET_15 OIV 081-2Mature leaf: petiole sinus base limited by veinsvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEFORM_15 OIV 083-1Form der Basis der oberen Seitenbuchtenvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLETEETHUP_15 OIV 083-2Mature leaf: teeth in the upper lateral sinusesvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLETEDENS_15 OIV 084Mature leaf: density of prostrate hairs between the main veins on lower side of bladevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLETEDENSER_15 OIV 087Mature leaf: density of erect hairs on the main veins on lower side of bladevocabulary Matureleaf
MATURELELEN_15 BDN 13Mature leaf: length of the petiole compared to the median veinvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLEDEGUP_15 OIV 082Mature leaf: degree of upper lateral sinus opening / overlappingvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURLELENG_15 OIV 093Mature leaf: length of petiole compared to length of middle veinvocabulary Matureleaf
MATURSURF_15 MATURSURF_15float Matureleaf
MATURELEHAIR_15 MATURELEHAIR_15vocabulary Matureleaf
DESSECH_15 DESSECH_15vocabulary Physiologique
COULURE_15 COULURE_15vocabulary Physiologique
BOTRYTIS_15 BOTRYTIS_15vocabulary Résistance
SHOOTCOLDONI_15 OIV 007Shoot: color of dorsal side of internodevocabulary Shoot
SHOOTCOLVENI_15 OIV 008Shoot: color of ventral side of internodevocabulary Shoot
SHOOTCOLDORNO_15 OIV 009Shoot: color of dorsal side of nodevocabulary Shoot
SHOOTCOLVENO_15 OIV 010Shoot: color of ventral side of nodevocabulary Shoot
SHOOTDENSHA_15 OIV 012Shoot: density of erect hairs on internodevocabulary Shoot
SHOOTAREANT_15 OIV 015-1Shoot: area of the anthocyanin coloration on bud scalesvocabulary Shoot
SHOOTINTANT_15 OIV 015-2Shoot: intensity of anthocyanin coloration on bud scalesvocabulary Shoot
SHOOTNUM_15 OIV 016Shoot: number of consecutive tendrilsvocabulary Shoot
SHOOTFER_15 BDN 5Shoot: fertilityvocabulary Shoot
SHOOTVIG_15 BDN 6Shoot: vigorvocabulary Shoot
SHOOTLENG_15 OIV 017Shoot: length of tendrilsvocabulary Shoot
SHOOTFERT_15 OIV 155Shoot: fertility of basal buds (buds 1-3)vocabulary Shoot
CRITCODE7 B27NPA Criteria Code Winevocabulary Temporary
NAPECH IPGRI 3.1Name of person in charge of characterizationstring Valuation
DACHA NAP_2Date of characterizationdate Valuation
OBSERVATIONREMARKS NAP_1Remarks about the observationstext (multiline) Valuation
REMARK_15 BDN 19Remarktext (multiline) Valuation
WOODPORT_15 WOODPORT_15vocabulary Wood
WOODCOLOR_15 WOODCOLOR_15vocabulary Wood
WOODHARD_15 WOODHARD_15vocabulary Wood
WSHOOTRELIEF_15 OIV 102Woody shoot: relief of surfacevocabulary Woodyshoot
WSHOOTCOLOR_15 OIV 103Woody shoot: main colorvocabulary Woodyshoot
YOUNGLECO BDN 1Young leaf: color of the upper side of blade (leaf 1-3)vocabulary Youngleaf
YOUNGLECOL_15 OIV 051Young leaf: color of the upper side of blade (leaf 4)vocabulary Youngleaf
YOUNGLECOL_16 BDN 2Young shoot: intensity of anthocyanin coloration (leaf 1-5)vocabulary Youngleaf
YOUNGLEDENPRO_15 OIV 053Young leaf: density of prostrate hairs between main veins on lower side of bladevocabulary Youngleaf
YOUNGLEDENER_15 OIV 056Young leaf: density of erect hairs on main veins on lower side of bladevocabulary Youngleaf
YGLEPRODEN_15 BDN 3Young leaf: density of prostrate hairs between and on main veins (leaf 4)vocabulary Youngleaf
YGLEEREDEN_15 BDN 4Young leaf: density of erect hairs between and on main veins (leaf 4)vocabulary Youngleaf
YOUNGLECOLOR_15 YOUNGLECOLOR_15vocabulary Youngleaf
YSHOOTAP_15 OIV 001Young shoot: aperture of tipvocabulary Youngshoot
YSHOOTINT_15 OIV 003Young shoot: intensity of anthocyanin coloration on prostrate hairs on tipvocabulary Youngshoot
YSHOOTDENPRO_15 OIV 004Young shoot: density of prostrate hairs on tipvocabulary Youngshoot
YSHOOTDENER_15 OIV 005Young shoot: density of erect hairs on tipvocabulary Youngshoot