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TREECOLLECTIONTYPE FRCAT- 7Type of collectionvocabulary Conservation
FREQUENCY FRCAT- 8Frequency indexvocabulary Conservation
TREETYPE FRCAT- 9Type of treevocabulary Conservation
SODOM_PURFRUIT BDN SD18Puree: fruity tastevocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURSPICE BDN SD19Puree: spicy tastevocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURSWEET BDN SD20Puree: sweetnessvocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURACID BDN SD21Puree: acidityvocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURAROM BDN SD22Puree: type of tastevocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURTEXT BDN SD23Puree: flowery or granular texturevocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURJUIC BDN SD24Puree: juicinessvocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURGENVIEW BDN SD25Puree: general viewvocabulary Evaluation
SODOM_PURFLOR BDN SD26Puree: floral tastevocabulary Evaluation
FRUITDES FRCAT- 6Description of fruitdate Fruit
FRSTARCH FRPO-101Iodine test for detection of starch degradationvocabulary Fruit
FRRIPE FRPO-102Streif index of ripenessfloat Fruit
SODOM_WEIGAV BDN SD2Fruit: weight (average) (g)float Fruit
SODOM_SIZE BDN SD5Fruit sizevocabulary Fruit
SODOM_SHAPE BDN SD6Fruit shapevocabulary Fruit
SODOM_EBDEPT BDN SD7Apfel: Tiefe der Kelchgrubevocabulary Fruit
SODOM_SCDEPT BDN SD8Apfel: Tiefe der Stielgrubevocabulary Fruit
SODOM_GRCOLO BDN SD9Ground colourvocabulary Fruit
SODOM_OVCOLO BDN SD10Over colourvocabulary Fruit
SODOM_OVCOIN BDN SD11Fruit: intensity of over colourvocabulary Fruit
SODOM_OVCOTY BDN SD12Type of over colourvocabulary Fruit
SODOM_RUAM BDN SD13Russet amountvocabulary Fruit
SODOM_BLOS BDN SD14Frucht: Bereifungvocabulary Fruit
SODOM_FLCOLO BDN SD15Colour of fleshvocabulary Fruit
SODOM_OVCOAM BDN SD16Fruit: relative area of over colourvocabulary Fruit
PHOTO BDNphoto availablevocabulary General
SODOM_MATUR BDN SD4Degree of maturityvocabulary Production
PLANTING FRCAT- 1Tree: date of plantationdate Tree
CULTIVAT FRCAT- 2Tree: mode of controlvocabulary Tree
ROOTSTOC FRCAT- 3Tree: carry graftstring Tree
INTERMED FRCAT- 4Tree: intermediar graftstring Tree
TREEDES FRCAT- 5Description of treedate Tree
SODOM_SANITARYSTATE BDN SD1Phytosanitary status Tree
NAPECH IPGRI 3.1Name of person in charge of characterizationstring Valuation
DACHA NAP_2Date of characterizationdate Valuation

Descriptors for subcategory 'peach'

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